Sign protects against dehydration, fatigue

& low energy as well as supports the

immune system and mental health

Your mind, body and soul with an ancient inspired Ayurvedic recipe.

Found only in nature + added vitamins


cleanses your toxins.

contains sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium.

natures electrolyte

LEMON JUICE (not from concentrate)

helps prevent dehydration and enhances your metabolism


the healthiest natural sugar in the world.

With a low GI.

Source of Vitmain B & Magnesium.

ORANGE JUICE (not from concentrate)

alkalises and balances your body. Source of vitamin C


Supports immune system and cognitive brain function 

Restore    Replenish    Reawaken  





  1. 1.

    an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.

Purest of






In a world of synthetic materials and ingredients, it’s little wonder our bodies crave and respond best to the ancient elements of the universe in their purest forms.

Let’s travel back 250 million years to when the world began and to when the Himalayas as we know them were just a twinkle in the eye of the universe. Back then, rather than an imposing mountain range, the Himalayas were an ancient, primordial sea. Glimmering beneath the surface was a pristine eco-system possessing unique healing qualities. Centuries passed and the plates of the Earth encouraged the Himalayas towards the heavens. The ancient sea evaporated, and all its life-sustaining minerals crystallized to form pink Himalayan sea-salt.

We use this sea-salt in Sign because it is the purest form of one of the best sources of natural minerals in existence on our planet. So, exactly why is it so good for us?

When the electrolytes contained in pink Himalayan sea-salt dissolve in water they create an electrically-conductive solution. As the human body is also an electrical system (who knew?), these electrolytes aid the body in its absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Balancing the level of electrolytes in our system is crucially important to maintaining our fluid balance. When we’re rich in these electrolytes they send signals from cell to cell which purify our bodies of toxins, balance PH and blood sugar levels, support healthy organ function, and keep us nice and hydrated.


To complement our Himalayan salt, we’ve selected the finest consciously-sourced palmyra jaggery (natural sugar), to provide natural energy, and fresh orange and lemon juice, for optimum hydration. Finally, we’ve thrown in a touch of vitamin B6, B12 and magnesium for maximum nutrient replenishment.

With every sip of Sign, you’ll both nourish your body and enjoy a profound connection with our spectacular natural world.



It was 2 pm and I was dancing in the sunshine at a beach bar in Ibiza. Suddenly, I became aware of how dehydrated I’d become. It was early - the last thing I wanted was to leave the party but my energy was running seriously low. I knew what my body was crying out for – a drink that would replenish everything I’d lost in the heat. When I went to the bar, I was greeted by row upon row of bottled drinks packed full of quick fixes like sugar, caffeine, E-numbers, and ingredients I’d never heard of and that I could barely pronounce. In short, these were the last thing I wanted to put in my body.

I needed an energy boost. Something that would replenish and reinvigorate my body’s stock of essential vitamins and minerals. Something good for me, with no chemicals or refined sugar in sight. Something that was more thirst-quenching and restorative than just plain water.

When I returned to the UK, I set out on a personal journey. I felt called to re-evaluate my life, discover my soul purpose and to spread some good – en masse. I set about educating myself in everything our bodies need to cure ourselves that can be found in nature. I began exploring and experimenting with natural remedies and elements to discover their various healing qualities.

A couple of months later, at around 5 am, I sat bolt upright in bed and experienced what I can only describe as a vision. A sign or call from the universe telling me I needed to create my own natural remedy – a restorative, replenishing and reawakening drink.


When I immersed myself deeper into my research, I discovered Ayurveda – an ancient mind-body health system developed thousands of years ago by the sages of India. Ayurveda quite literally means, ‘the science of life’ and is designed to help people stay happy, healthy and to realise their full potential. One of their ancient remedies was called Sole – a detoxifying mix of water and salt designed to flush away toxins and bring balance to the body. I knew that with a little adaption, I could create something equally pure, healing, and most importantly – beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit.

This is the story of how Sign came to life, and the rest, as they say…is ancient history.



'This drink is a god send, it saved me at Gottwood on several occasions. The beautiful can is inspiring, the ingredients are sacred and connect you the essence of earth"



"I love Sign, it does what it says- replenishes me. It's my go-to drink after a big night and after a workout. Since they've been selling on amazon I have been buying Sign by the case."


"Sign has jumpstarted me out of many low energy moments.
This delicious, healthy, high vibe healing tonic is a savior for me in my hectic life. I'm excited

to see it at every festival, bar, shop, Uber eats and office vending machine where is belongs!"


"It was a pleasure working with Sign at this year’s Nova Batida festival in Lisbon, the drink was perfectly aligned with the festival, and our customers loved it!"


-Mark newton

"I love the rejuvenation I feel, the fresh taste and more importantly knowing it is nourishing my body and has been made with love. The nightlife industry has crying out for a healthy alternative and I am happy its finally here. I truly resonate with the story and brand ethos of Sign"


The taste is lovely, its super refreshing and contains lots of great things like vitamin b5,b6, b12, magnesium and electrolytes. I love the fact its so natural, its vegan and 5% of profits go to a mental health charity.I drank Sign to start my day instead of a coffee! and I loved it! Also great after a work out or a big night out! Give it a try!


-Laura H


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